Easter tea + Chocolate pairing ideas

Tea + Chocolate: 4 Proper Cuppa Pairings for Easter

Easter is just around the corner and the Easter Bunny is hard at work hiding chocolate treats in every corner. What better way to take care of all that chocolate than with the assistance of a good cuppa tea? This also means chocolate can be a part of your tea ritual at any time of day (wink wink!).

Here are four tasty tea and chocolate pairings to enjoy this Easter:

  1. Garden Party tea with candy-coated milk chocolate eggs

Garden Party + Milk Chocolate Eggs

Capture the essence of spring with pretty eggs and the aroma of April flowers. The jasmine and lavender notes in Garden Party tea evoke a sunny afternoon sharing the backyard with the bees, while the pretty pastels of the chocolate eggs capture the promise of a spring bird’s nest. After all, we eat with our eyes first!

  1. Earl’s Breakfast with dark chocolate

Earls Breakfast + Dark Chocolate

Rich black teas with a sparkle of bergamot are the perfect complement for an elegant dark chocolate, whether in bunny, egg, bark or bar form! Black teas and dark chocolate often have similar notes of dried fruits and spices: alternate sips of tea and nibbles of chocolate to see what flavours each brings out in the other.

  1. Jasmine Cream with white chocolate bunny

Jasmine Cream + White Chocolate

This pairing is creamy, dreamy and overall basically just heavenly. With jasmine and vanilla in the tea and rich notes of cocoa butter and cream in the white chocolate, each component takes a turn amplifying and enhancing the other. If you don’t love white chocolate, give it a try: this combination will bring a new appreciation for the category!

  1. Irish Breakfast with a Cadbury Creme Egg

Irish Breakfast + Cadbury Creme Egg

An indulgent sugar-bomb like Cadbury’s Creme Egg needs a robust tea to balance it out, hence the pairing of Irish Breakfast. With a strong base of malty Assam and a kick of Ceylon, Irish Breakfast is a great partner for this treat. With creaminess and sweetness provided by the Creme Egg, try this Irish Breakfast pairing without milk.

Pick your favourite pairing, or try them all! We’d love to hear what you think, or if you discover a delicious combination of your own. Share with us on Instagram @ProperCuppaTea!