The Perils of Gifting to Tea Lovers: Where to Begin?

Tea lovers, the enigmatic creatures who sip, slurp, and steep their way through life, are a delightful bunch. But when it comes to picking out a perfect gift for them, it can be quite a challenge. Why, you ask? Because tea aficionados are a unique breed of highly individual tastes, habits and preferences. Think the Sherlock Holmes of tea leaves, or alchemists of flavour. So, let’s dive into the perilous journey of finding a gift for a tea lover and perhaps find a delightful solution by the end.

1. The Particular Palate:

Tea lovers tend to be highly opinionated when it comes to their cuppa. They might prefer black tea or green, or only naturally caffeine-free herbal tisanes. Is your tea lover into flavourings or are they a purist? And heaven forbid you add sugar or milk to their brew without a written invitation! It’s like handing a vegan a steak. You just don’t do it. So, gifting a random box of tea bags is risky business.

To do some sly (less creepy than looking through a medicine cabinet!) investigating of your own, you can look through their tea cupboard to see what they’re already drinking (or what they offer if you happen to visit). Is it tea bags or looseleaf tea? Traditional breakfast blends, rare oolongs, or a dog’s breakfast of little sample tins and packages? You should also tune in when the conversation turns to tea: they might talk about a first flush Darjeeling as if it’s the nectar of the gods, wax poetic about the malty notes in an Assam black tea, or reminisce about the most perfect cream Earl Grey.

pouring tea

2. The Brewing Ritual:

Tea lovers can also have an almost spiritual connection with their brewing rituals. It might be the classic dip of a tea bag: just one dip? Let it sit and swill until the cup is cold? Exactly 4 minutes on a timer? And then: to squeeze or not to squeeze? Wars have been fought and families torn apart over this last question. Or it might be about the brewing equipment itself. Some have a fancy gongfu tea set, complete with a tiny clay teapot and equally tiny cups. Others, the minimalist hipsters, swear by their glass infusers. And let’s not forget the traditionalists who revere their big-enough-for-an-army Brown Betty teapot.

It takes a brave soul to gift tea-making equipment to a dedicated tea drinker. It can be as complicated as choosing a wand at Ollivanders. If you’re feeling courageous and you are armed with the knowledge of what kind of tea they drink, how they like to drink it, AND that they would like add more / similar / different equipment to what they have, forge on, brave warrior! However, if you don’t have this confidence you can A) give them a mug that will most likely end up at the back of the cupboard… or B) maybe just steer clear of this potential minefield of disappointment.

3. The Experience:

Tea is not just about the beverage itself; it’s about the experience. Tea lovers crave more than just a drink; they want an adventure in a cup. Beyond crafting their perfect, personalized day-to-day tea drinking ritual, tea lovers are interested in learning more about tea. They’ll seek out exotic tea houses, go on tea-tasting journeys, and geek out over the art of tea blending.

To get inspired in your tea gifting, think about what time of day your tea lover tends to drink tea, and for what purpose. Is it to wake up? Calm down? Meditate? Hydrate? These are important factors to consider and can lead you down a unique tea experience path. Because in the end, when in doubt, we recommend a tea experience gift. Whether you find one or create one of your own, having a special experience will delight every tea drinker. You could visit a tea festival together; create an afternoon tea of your own; or attend a lecture or workshop on tea pairing, either online or at a local tea shop.

Or, perhaps, if your sleuthing has brought you this far, Proper Cuppa’s Tea Blending Kit is the perfect experiential gift for your tea lover.

black-tea in a cup

The Proper Cuppa Tea Blending Kit:

So, you want to gift your tea-loving friend something they’ll genuinely enjoy? Enter the Tea Blending Kit. It’s a canvas for their tea creativity (yes, or creativi-tea), allowing them to blend teas to suit their discerning taste. And they can even add a hint of mischief if they like. It’s thoughtful, fun and maybe even a little educational.

To sum it up
Buying a gift for a tea lover can be a daunting task, given their individual preferences and peculiarities. However, an experiential tea gift is always a great answer. Cheers to sipping, savouring, and creating your own tea adventure.